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Request for Map Amendment of Jackson Township Zoning Resolution

Amendment Procedure
  1. The Jackson Township Zoning Resolution requires the applicant to provide the following with all applications for rezone of land:
  • Name of property owner and/or applicant, agent or attorney making application, including address and phone number.
  • Map of lot or acreage requested to be rezoned, including address for platted lots, and legal description of tracks.


Provide with all applications for a zoning text amendment:

  • Name of applicant, including address and phone number
  • Complete text and the section of the Zoning Resolution in which the amendment is proposed.
  1. Provide the parcel number, tax mailing names and addresses of adjoining property owners (map change) by obtaining the parcel number and property owner names for each adjacent property at the Auditor’s Map Office -Stark County office Building-110 Central Plaza South and obtaining the tax mailing addresses from the Treasurer’s Office located at 110 Central Plaza South, Canton, Ohio. Include parcel number for each.
  1. The application cannot be processed without submission of proper information. After properly submitted to the Zoning Administrator, the application is then referred to the Jackson Township Zoning Commission.  These fees must accompany the application:

Filing Fee for Map Amendment:  $450.00

Plus $250.00 Site Plan Review Fee for any R-3, R-4, R-5. R-6 or PBRD Site Plan Review.

  1. All proponents will be requested to give testimony, followed by opponents’ testimony. Commission members may request additional information from the applicant during the hearing.  Upon conclusion of the hearing, the Commission may take a roll call vote or may continue the meeting, but must make a decision within thirty (30) days after the conclusion of the hearing.  The Zoning Commission’s recommendation must be forwarded to the Township Trustees by the Clerk.
  1. The Trustees shall set a public hearing date within thirty (30) days after receiving the recommendation of the Zoning Commission.
  1. After the closing of the public hearing, a decision by the Trustees must be made within twenty (20) days. The decision may be to approve, deny, or modify the request.  However, if the Zoning Commission’s recommendation is not upheld, a majority vote of the Trustees is required.
  1. Any amendment adopted by the Trustees becomes effective in thirty (30) days from the date of their decision unless a petition for referendum is filed.
  1. Applicant shall be responsible for additional costs incurred as a result of cancellations, continuances or changes to the original request caused by said applicant.

Applicant will be responsible for filing fees for Amendment requests which have been approved, to the Stark County Recorder’s Office file 30 days from date approved.


Amended Effective 3/12/08


The Board of Trustees has determined to increase the awareness of the general public when an application for rezoning of property has been filed.  Therefore, in addition to the required legal notices, a sign shall be provided and posted by the Township on the involved parcel(s) to notify the public that an application has been filed that could affect the zoning of such property.  The sign, or signs, shall be posted within seven days of acceptance of an application and remain posted on the property until the public hearings for said application are concluded.


The sign(s) shall be three (3) feet in height and four (4) feet in width.  The sign(s) shall be made from weather resistant material.  The sign(s) shall contain the following language:


“ZONING NOTICE An application has been filed to request the zoning of this property be changed from                        to                     .  For further information, contact the Jackson Township Zoning Department, 330-832-8023.”


The sign(s) shall identify the current and proposed zoning classifications.  The words “ZONING NOTICE” shall be a minimum of two (2) inches in height.  The balance of the text is to be a minimum of one (1) inch in height.  All letters are to be in red with a white background.

Request for Map Amendment

Property Owner(s)

Are the Applicant(s) or Agent(s) different than the Property Owner(s)?

Applicant(s) or Agent


Propose Amendment

To Rezone

Map Amendment Filing Fee is $450.00 plus Additional $250.00 for R-3, R-4, R-5, or R-6 PUD or PBRD
Credit Card
Credit Card
Applicant will be responsible for additional costs incurred in the event of re-advertisement and re-notification special studies deemed necessary by the Commission and filing fees to the Stark County Recorder’s office for amendments that have been approved.
I hereby certify that I am the property owner for the property in which amendment is being filed and hereby give the applicant/appellant permission to submit on my behalf the request for amendment application.