Jackson Fire Department New Full-Time Firefighters

5 new full time
Please join us in welcoming our 5 new full-time firefighters Leroy Yoder, Corey Korosa, Nicholas Wilson, Andrew Kendrick and Kristopher Hendershot (left to right 1st group photo). All were sworn in November 18th, 2021 at the Trustees meeting.
Leroy Yoder will be assigned to A shift. Kristopher Hendershot and Nicholas Wilson will be assigned to B shift. Andrew Kendrick and Corey Korosa will be assigned to C shift.
Leroy, Corey, Nicholas, Andrew and Kristopher all started out here at Jackson Fire Department as part time firefighters. All of them each bring an enthusiastic attitude and hard work ethic. We are excited to welcome them on full time. They are all ready to serve this great community and those in it!

Leroy, Corey, Nicholas, Andrew and Kristopher! Welcome to Jackson Township Fire Department!