Administration Department FAQs

I am moving to Jackson Township. Who do I contact for my utilities?
Are there any upcoming special events in the area?

You can view the Jackson Township Parks special events page ADD LINK HERE or for amphitheater

Does Jackson Township have recycling?

No. Yellow recycling bins have been placed throughout the township. The bins are clearly labeled paper, plastic, cardboard and aluminum. These locations are drop offs only and are not manned. The park and school locations DO NOT accept glass. Glass can be recycled at the Massillon Rec Center, St. Michael’s Parish and Real HOPE Church. If you have any questions about recycling please call the Stark-Tuscarawas-Wayne Joint Solid Waste Management District at 330-874-2258.

Where do I register my children for school?

Contact the Jackson Local School District at 330-830-8000 or visit their website at

Are there youth sports organizations in Jackson Township?

Jackson Township has several youth sports organizations. You can find links to many of them at our Youth Organization Links page.

My family is going on vacation, any safety tips?

Yes, please check out the Police Department's Vacation tips page at Vacation Tips Page  You can request a vacation check by the police department.

Is there a local Chamber of Commerce?

Yes, contact the Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce at 330-456-7253 or their website

When and where do the Jackson Township Trustees meet?

Regular meetings of the Board of Trustees are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month. 4:00 p.m. for Executive Session and/or Work Session; 5:00 p.m. for General Business. Meeting are held at the Jackson Township Administration building at 5735 Wales Ave. NW, Massillon, OH 44646.

Weeds/High Grass Complaints

Weed and High grass complaints must be submitted in writing to Mary Smith in the Legal Department.

Amphitheater FAQs

COVID-19 Statement and Safeguards

Guests visiting or attending scheduled events at the Jackson Amphitheater understand that in addition to the Township’s Rules and Regulations, the existence of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and that COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death. Visitors, spectators, and other invitees (collectively, the “Guests”) participating in Jackson Amphitheater activities, no matter whom is holding the event, are vulnerable to contracting COVID-19, especially the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions. Guests are warned and cautioned that there is an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 in connection with attending events with large groups of people, and by doing so will assume such risk. Guests will be responsible for following the safe guards (i.e. social distancing, facial coverings,…etc.) put in place by Jackson Township, or its designees. Failure to follow the safe guards will be grounds for removal from the facility.

As of May 6, 2021, the following safe guards must be followed when visiting or attending an event at the Jackson Amphitheater:

  • Facial coverings must be worn at all times when there are more than 10 guest with in the Amphitheater premise to include parking lots.
  • Social Distancing.
Bag Policy

All bags and other containers brought into the Amphitheater are subject to reasonable and courteous search.


All ticket sales are final.
Please note that there can be no ticket refunds or exchanges even in the event of inclement weather. All performances are subject to postponement, delay or cancellations due to rain or severe weather conditions. In the event of inclement weather, an announcement will be made on stage by the Jackson Amphitheater Venue Manager prior to or during a performance.

  • Parking is FREE!
  • View our parking and amphitheater map here.
  • Handicap designated parking is available in Parking Lot A.
  • Motorcycles must use standard vehicle parking.
  • No camper, trailer or recreational vehicle parking is permitted at the Amphitheater.
  • At Jackson Township’s discretion, the adjacent parking lot and/or other public streets or spaces may be closed and/or restricted in connection with events at the Amphitheater or otherwise. Jackson Township reserves the right to require event organizers to allow for sufficient alternate parking, including handicapped spaces as required by law.
  • Blankets and lawn chairs are welcome in designated areas.
  • Pop-up tents, canopies and other shade structures are not permitted at the Amphitheater without specific written permission from Jackson Township.
  • There is no permanent seating at the Amphitheater. Jackson Township has the right to restrict access to seating areas and walkways, entrances, exits and parking areas, and to designate certain types or areas of seating (e.g., VIP, chair, standing, ticketed or other types or areas of seating), as is advisable in its discretion.

Children 10 years old and younger will be admitted for free for all Summer Concert Series events.


No smoking is permitted at the Amphitheater.

Food & Drink / Alchohol
  • Guests may not bring food or drinks into the Amphitheater.
  • The only alcohol permitted at the Amphitheater must be purchased from a licensed entity approved by Jackson Township. No alcohol may be taken into or removed from the Amphitheater.
  • The sale or possession of alcohol may be prohibited during certain times and for certain events at the discretion of Jackson Township. Further, any person exhibiting signs of impairment may be denied service.
  • All food and beverage caterers and vendors must be approved by Jackson Township and otherwise be in compliance with law.

No pets or other animals (excluding service or companion animals permitted by law) are permitted anywhere at the Amphitheater.


To ensure the safety and security of the Amphitheater and its users and guests, access to certain areas of the Amphitheater may be restricted or prohibited.

  • Possession of a firearm in the Amphitheater is prohibited by Federal law since the Amphitheater is within 1,000 feet of Jackson Local Schools property.
  • In the event that there is a D permit issued by the State of Ohio for the Amphitheater and alcohol and/or liquor is being consumed, the possession of firearms is prohibited, subject to certain exceptions set forth in the Ohio Revised Code.
  • No weapons of any kind are permitted in and around the Amphitheater.
  • A permanent restroom structure is available in the northeast corner of the parking lot adjacent to the Amphitheater.
  • Restrooms are located within the amphitheater structure itself, but are subject to restriction or closure at the direction of Jackson Township.
  • Temporary restrooms may be available for certain events, as determined by Jackson Township.
Fire or Fireworks
  • No open flames, pyrotechnics or fireworks are permitted at the Amphitheater without the prior written approval of Jackson Township.
  • No grills, smokers, fryers and the like are permitted within the Amphitheater and the adjacent parking lot.

No signage or other item or material may be hung, nailed, glued, affixed or otherwise attached to any surface or portion of the Amphitheater.


Amphitheater guests and occupants are expected to be respectful of other guests and their property and surroundings, as well as their enjoyment of events, and to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with courtesy, common sense and all laws. Abusive, profane, disrespectful or otherwise objectionable or discourteous conduct may be referred to the Jackson Township Police Department and/or other law enforcement agencies to address such conduct according to law.

Special Rules and Regulations
  • Jackson Township reserves the right, without public notice, to waive, modify or supplement these Rules and Regulations from time to time and for specific events, at its discretion. Any waiver of a rule or regulation set forth herein shall not serve as or be deemed to be general waiver of such rule or regulation or any other rule or regulation herein.
  • Violation of any rule or regulation set forth herein may result in ejection from and/or restriction of future access to the Amphitheater by Jackson Township, Jackson Township Police or Fire Departments, and/or Jackson Township officials.

Fire Department FAQs

Burning Regulations / Recreation Fire Guidelines

Recreational fires include the following:

  • Campfires
  • Barbecues
  • Cookouts

These recreational fires must be no larger than 2 feet high by 3 feet across and cannot last longer than three hours. Clean, seasoned firewood or the equivalent is the only combustible material permitted for these types of fires.

As a reminder, the burning of leaves, garbage or other waste products is prohibited in Jackson Township.

Residents who choose to use a propane grill for their outdoor activities should follow these simple safety tips:

  • Check the supply hose from the LP tank to the grill for leaks
  • Clean excessive grease from the cooking surface
  • Move the grill a safe distance away from your home when in use
  • Remember to shut off the LP tank valve when not in use

Click on the link below for Ohio's Open Burning Regulations:

  • Please note Ohio's annual spring and fall burn bans.
    • In Ohio, open burning is prohibited in March, April, May, October and November between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m., according to the Ohio Division of Forestry. The ban includes burning of yard waste, trash and debris

If you have any questions regarding recreational fires or propane grill safety, or have fire safety concerns, please feel free to contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 330-834-3951.

Smoke Detector Information

Carbon Monoxide Information

Knox Box information

Jackson Twp Fire Dept-Canton to see all available options.

Car Seat Inspections and Installs

Car Seat Inspections

Car seat inspections and installations are held the first Monday of each month.  To schedule an appointment, call 330-834-3960.

CPR Courses

Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation Classes

CPR classes are available through your fire department.  There is a minimum of ten people per class and a fee of $50.00.  To schedule a class or check the availability of one, contact the Jackson Township Fire Department at 330-834-3950.  You can also call to be placed on a waiting list as the fire department accumulates enough participants to fill a class.

Fire Extinguishers
Aluminum Cans for Burned Children

Can donations can be made at all Jackson Fire Department Stations


Safety Center

7383 Fulton Rd. NW

Massillon, OH 44646


JTFD Station #2

8500 Traphagen St. NW

Massillon, OH 44646


JTFD Station #3

6965 Strausser St. NW

North Canton, OH 44720


JTFD Station #4

5685 Dressler Rd. NW

North Canton, OH 44720


JTFD Station #5

5800 Everhard Rd. NW

Canton, OH 44718 

Prescription Drug Drop Off

There is a prescription drug drop off container location in the lobby of the Safety Center.


Jackson Twp. Safety Center

7383 Fulton Rd. NW

Massillon, OH 44646

File of Life

File of Life Form

The File of Life is a free program, designed to help your local fire department paramedics and emergency rooms obtain your necessary medical history and emergency contact information in an emergency... it could help save your life.

Place in a location where it can be easily be found such as your refrigerator.  Keep information up to date as it allows paramedics to immediately begin the best possible treatment, notify loved ones, and pass this vital data on to awaiting physicians at the emergency room.

Form can be downloaded and printed from here or pick up a paper copy form with a magnetic File of Life pouch at the Safety Center.  These are located in the lobby.

Jackson Twp. Safety Center

7383 Fulton Dr. NW

Massillon, OH 44646

Do we fill swimming pools?

No, we are unable to fill resident’s swimming pools.  Please contact a water hauling supply company for assistance.

Fiscal Office FAQs

Is there an income tax in Jackson Township?

If you work in Jackson Township and your place of employment is not in one of our Joint Economic Development Districts, there is no earnings tax. If an earnings tax was withheld, contact your employer to have them stop the withholding. Your employer should also confirm the entity for which taxes were withheld. Contact will have to be made with that entity to request a refund.

Who can I contact for streetlight outages?

Streetlights may be maintained by the electric company or your HOA.  Check our list here, or if you know your provider:

AEP customers can call 1-800-277-2177 or complete an online service request at -

Ohio Edison/First Energy customers can call 800-633-4766 or complete an online service request at  -

What is a street lighting district and how is my property assessed?

A lighting district is a defined area, typically a street, neighborhood or subdivision, where a majority property owners want to have streetlights installed and maintained at the property owners’ expense. The Jackson Township Board of Trustees has the authority to establish a lighting district on dedicated township roads in Jackson Township. The establishment of a new lighting district must be initiated by a street light petition. Jackson Township is billed monthly for the energy the residential districts.  All property owners in a district are assessed equal amounts as a special assessment on their property taxes.

How are Townships funded?

Townships are funded primarily through property tax levies. Unlike counties that may levy both a property tax and a sales tax and municipalities that may levy a property tax and income tax.  Ohio townships do not receive any money from sales taxes.

Can I pay my property taxes at your office?

Property taxes (whether it is for a residential or business property) are collected through the Stark County Treasurer.  They have several convenient ways to pay your tax bill which you can find by visiting their website.

Highway Division FAQs

How does Jackson Township handle spring and fall cleanup?

At the March 26, 2019, Jackson Township Board of Trustees’ meeting, the Board announced the Yard Debris Waste Site would open on Friday, March 29, 2019, for the 2019 season.  Full details can be found on the Spring/Fall Clean Up Schedule page.

How do I inquire about having street lighting installed in my neighborhood?

The Township can set up lighting districts by going through the paperwork and government requirements to have the lights installed. The expenses are then billed through your real estate taxes.  Call the Township Fiscal Office at 330-832-5886 for the details which would be required.  Many new allotments are already a lighting district as established by the developer.  Older allotments can become a lighting district.

Who do I contact about non-functioning or damaged electric street lights?

For non-functioning lights call for repair with the address and pole number if possible at:

AEP: 1-800-277-2177 or

OHIO EDISON: 1-800-633-4766 or


For damaged lighting call the Township Fiscal Office with a description of the problem at  330-832-5886.

What about gas street lighting problems?

Call with the location and problem to the Township Fiscal Office at 330-832-5886.

What can I do about this temporary cul-de-sac which extends into my yard?

The temporary cul-de-sac is a requirement whenever a street may someday be extended on to undeveloped land.  It must stay in place, and is owned and maintained by the public until the road is legally extended.  That could be many years.

How long does it take to service snowy or icy streets?

Every snow or icy condition is different.  Our twelve truck routes take about three hours to salt the 203 miles of roadway when the conditions are only slippery.  An average snow requiring plowing takes our crews about 8 hours. If the snow is persistent and steady, it readily escalates to 16 hours plus.  Prevention of accidents and prevention of property damage is very important and is emphasized to our drivers.

How do we know when to call out the trucks for plowing or salting roadways?

Our Road Foreman is always alert to weather reports and road conditions. The Jackson Police also alert him 24 hours a day of changing conditions.  Then he makes a personal judgment and begins telephone call outs.

Why isn't my street plowed when it is no longer snowing?

Remember when it snows or gets slippery it can immediately convert all of our 203 miles of roadway to a hazardous condition.    The trucks are out but it takes time to cover all areas.  Some roads will be first and some will be last.  If the snow is persistent your road may have been first and several inches of snow may have fallen after the truck made its pass.

Why did the plow truck come into my cul-de-sac and leave without plowing the circle?

The truck driver’s priority is to clear main roads with one pass first. He then comes back to do the minor traffic situations such as cul-de-sacs.  His secondary priority is also to widen the roads near curbs and mailboxes after the main traffic roads are passable.

Why did the truck put snow in my yard?

In tight areas there is very little room to put snow.  The driveways and mailboxes must not be blocked.  This is especially difficult on cul-de-sacs and narrow roadways.


Why does the plow truck driver plow snow into my driveway as he passes?

The public’s transportation on main roadways must be first.  You can help yourself if you clean your driveway snow to the far side of the drive considering the snow plow truck direction.  This is helpful to our drivers.

How expensive is highway salt and how much do we use a year?

Salt prices vary year to year and are publicly bid.  In the 2017-2018 season, we bought salt through the Stark County Engineer's office at $54.87 per ton delivered to our yard.  Salt consumption varies based on the severity of the winter but Jackson Township expects to use 8,000 tons in a winter season.

Parks FAQs

Police Department FAQs

Where can I dispose of my unwanted/unused medications?
  • A prescription medication drop off box has been made available inside the Safety Center during business hours.
  • The medication drop off box is available for residential use only.
  • The medication drop off box is provided for prescription pills only.
  • Please do not place any liquids, creams, needles or inhalers in the drop off box.
  • Please see the FDA’s website for additional information on the proper disposal of all other medications.
How can I arrange to have a child safety seat installed/ inspected?
  • Car seat inspections and installations are held by the Fire Department on the first Monday of each month by appointment only.
  • To schedule an appointment, call (330) 834-3960.
Does the police department dispose of ammunition?
  • Jackson Township does not accept ammunition for disposal. Please contact your local hazardous waste center or local gun range to verify disposal availability.
How do I request a copy of an Incident / Accident report?
  • Reports are generally available within 3-5 business days and may be picked up during business hours. Reports are released only after approval which may result in an additional delay in availability.
  • Public Roadway Reports can be obtained by accessing the Ohio Department of Transportation’s website located on the police home page under traffic reports.
  • Private Property Reports are available from the Police Department’s homepage under private property, located on the police home page under traffic reports.
  • Incident Reports may be requested by contacting the Records Department during business hours, at (330) 834-3960.
  • Fees:
    • The first 9 pages are free.
    • 10 pages are $1.00.
    • Any additional pages are 10 cents per page.
    • Additional charges/ fees may apply.
Where do obtain my yard waste disposal card?
  • Please see the yard waste link located on the Townships home page for additional information or contact the administration building at (330) 832-7416
Where do I go for fingerprinting?
  • Fingerprinting is available during business hours at the Jackson Township Safety Center.
  • If fingerprinting is requested outside of business hours, it will be conducted based on the availability of the officers.
How do I retrieve property from the Jackson Township Police Department?
  • An appointment is required to pick up property.
  • To make an appointment, please contact (330) 834-3960.
  • Property room hours are Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 3: 30 pm.
What is needed to retrieve my vehicle from impound?
  • Please contact the Police Department at (330) 834-3960 for additional information.
  • Proof of ownership must be provided prior to release.
How do I schedule a tour of the Police department?
  • Please contact the Police Department at (330) 834-3960.
How do I hire an officer for a special event?
  • Please contact the Police Department at (330) 834-3960.
How do I request a vacation check / extra patrol?
  • Visit: /vaccheck.asp or contact Red Center at (330) 832-1553.

Zoning Department FAQs

What requires a zoning permit?

New Homes, decks, fences, outdoor fireplaces, swimming pools, hot tubs, gazebos, pergolas, temporary car ports and almost all other structures and buildings require a zoning permit, with the exception of accessory buildings that are 32 sq. ft. or less.

Does a child’s playhouse or tree house require a permit?

A children’s toy playhouse, tree house and gym equipment do not require a zoning permit; however, they are only permitted in the rear or side yard at a 5 ft. setback and the maximum height is 10 ft.

What is required when applying for a zoning permit to put an accessory structure on a property?

A site plan showing the location, size, and setbacks from property lines and other structures is required to be submitted along with a zoning application.  An accessory building or structure is permitted in the rear or side yard.  An accessory structure 120 sq. ft. or less, is permitted to be 5 ft. from the rear and side property line and cannot exceed 15 ft. in height.  Accessory structures over 120 sq. ft. must be 10 ft. from the rear and side property line and cannot exceed 18 ft. in height.  When abutting a secondary road right of way the setback is required to a minimum of 25 ft.

What is required when applying for a zoning permit for a new home on a property?

A house numbering slip, sewer guarantee, site plan and a full set of construction plans is required to be submitted along with a zoning application.  Setbacks depend on the zoning classification and can be found in Section 401.6 of the zoning resolution.

What setback is required for a residential swimming pool?

A swimming pool must be in the rear or side yard at a 10 ft. setback, the only exception is when abutting a secondary road right way the setback is 25 ft.

Does a swimming pool have to have a fence?

All in ground pools and above ground pool with a wall height less than 4 ft. requires fencing, with the exception that an in ground swimming pool that is located on five acres or greater is permitted to be secured with an automatic pool cover that meets the American Society for Testing and Material Standards (ASTMF1346-91) in lieu of a fencing.  Above ground pools with a wall height greater than 4 ft. does not require a fence but must be secured when not in use with a removable or lift up locking ladder.

Is there a setback for a residential fence?

Fences must be 5 ft. out of the road right of way.  There is no setback for a residential fence when abutting another property line.  A fence application is required along with a site plan showing the fence location and length of each section of fencing along the property.

What is the maximum height for a residential fence?

Any fence with in 25 ft. of the right of way (front setback) must not exceed a maximum height of 4 ft.  Fences in the rear and side yard are permitted to be a maximum height of 8 ft.