Congratulations to Fire Inspector Tan

Denny Tan award

This morning, Deputy Chief Rieger and I attended the “Stark County & StarkMHAR Notable Names in Behavioral Health’ Ceremony.

 Due to his dedication in working with some of our most challenging mental health and drug overdose issues, Inspector Denny Tan, was nominated by the Stark County Health Department, and selected by the oversight committee as one of a few recipients of the ‘Professional of the Year’ Award.  Denny has put in a lot of time, both on and off duty, as our organization deals with these ongoing problems within the township.  Because of his efforts, the amount of ‘repeat offender’ types of calls has greatly been reduced; the families effected have received assistance from the appropriate agencies due to the vast contacts and relationships established by Inspector Tan.


Congratulations to Inspector Tan, as he represents the Jackson Township Fire Department and helping others within our community.