Snow Emergency/Snow Parking Ban


The Jackson Township Board of Trustees has established a snow-parking ban on all Township streets whenever snow has accumulated, or is expected to accumulate, to a depth of two (2) or more inches. Vehicles parked in the street create inefficient and hazardous snow plowing conditions.

Notice will be posted and announced when the snow ban is in effect. Violation of the ban can cause your vehicle to be towed away and stored. This action would incur storage charges, fines, and unhappy inconvenience for the vehicle owner.

Jackson Township requests strict cooperation from our residents to adhere to the snow parking ban.

Poor visibility, snow accumulations, and night operations can create unplanned and unpleasant damages. The Highway Department will again be placing stakes at locations difficult to plow. Residents can aid this effort with their own reflective staking if desired. Residents should inspect their roadside mailbox location for needed repairs to withstand flying snow. Portable basketball equipment should be removed from all roadways to allow snow plowing.

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