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Public Records Policy

It is our mission and intent to at all times fully comply with and abide by Ohio's Public Records Act.

Resolution on Statement Principles

In order to comply with the Public Records Act, we do hereby adopt the following Statement of Principles.

Statement of Principles

Jackson Township will:

  • Adopt a formal policy memorializing the mission statement.
  • Ensure that appropriate personnel become fully trained in and made aware of the provisions of the act.
  • Do everything possible to aid those who are seeking information, including but not limited to, fully explaining the scope and operation of the act and assisting citizens in the formulation of requests.
  • Follow the provisions of the law in a manner that favors compliance with requests for information.
  • Seek guidance from the Office of the Ohio Attorney General whenever a question arises about the application of the law or about the appropriateness of a request for information.
  • Clearly and concisely state the reason or reasons why a request for information has been denied.