General Zoning Information

Zoning applications are accepted online through the citizens portal link on the zoning department page of our website.


A permitted use certificate is required for all businesses located in Jackson Township.  Permits must be obtained prior to the opening of the business.

Zoning Permits are required prior to the construction or altering of any sign, fences, structure or building, including accessory buildings, such as a shed, deck, or unattached garage. Dog houses, children's toy playhouse, children's treehouse & other accessory buildings 32 sq. ft. or less and children’s play equipment do not require a zoning permit; however, shall comply with regulations per section 401.11 and 401.12 of the zoning regulations.  

Building permits are required for commercial and some residential construction. The Stark County Building Department is located at 7235 Whipple Ave. NW Suite A, North Canton, Ohio 44720, and should be contacted to determine if a permit is needed for your project at (330) 451-1770.

Septic permits for new construction are required in areas where sewer is not available. The Health Department also requires the review of any addition to a structure located in an area where septic is used. To determine if the location of your addition or alteration will affect your existing septic system, contact 493-9904.

All transient vendors must comply with Resolution #18-155 adopted by the Jackson Township Trustees on 8/14/18 and obtain a permit from the Jackson Township Zoning Department for transient, mobile food and stationary vending as well as anyone soliciting in Jackson Township .  Permits are valid for a period of ninety (90) days.  The permit fee is $150.00.  Transient vendor does not include any persons who represents any entity exempted from taxation under Section 5709.04 of the Ohio Revised Code, or any person licensed under Chapter 4707 of the Ohio Revised Code.  A copy of the resolution can be found as an attachment within the zoning resolution book.  A current food license must be submitted prior to the issuance of any permit for the vending of food.

Any vendor selling food, drinks, clothing, or other misc. items or soliciting for the future delivery of goods or services at an event located at any one (1) fixed location per the permit issued for three (3) or less consecutive days.

Please direct comments or inquiries to the Zoning Department, (330) 832-8023.