Zoning Applications



Please note that permits cannot be processed without the proper documentation that is required.  If you have questions regarding the permit process or a permit application that has been submitted please contact the zoning office at 330-832-8023.

Zoning applications can be found by clicking on the link above.  Your application and required uploaded documents can be submitted electronically.  Once the application is submitted it will be reviewed for compliance with the zoning regulations as well as the fire department regulations, where applicable.  If the permit request complies with all regulations, it will be processed and you will receive an email as to the cost of the permit and methods of payment. 

Effective 2/1/23 Fire Department fees will be added to the zoning permit.  All new commercial construction, alteration and additions, interior remodeling and tent permits will include a fire department site review fee in addition to the zoning permit fee.  You will receive one permit, however; both fees will be included as part of the permitting process.  The fire department fee is for the fire department plan review process as commercial plans are required to be reviewed and approved by the fire department in addition to the zoning department review prior to the issuance of the zoning permit.

The fire department fees for site plan reviews are as follows:

5,000 sq. ft. or less-$200.00

5,001 to 10,000 sq. ft.-$300.00

10,001 to 15,000 sq. ft.-$400.00

15,001 sq. ft. or greater-$600.00

Tent Reviews 400 sq. ft. or less-$50.00