Friends of Jackson Community Parks

A concerned group of Jackson Township citizens interested in helping promote, maintain, and encourage growth of the Jackson Township park system has set up a 501(c) (3) Tax Exempt Corporation, Friends of Jackson Community Parks. This group feels that our parks are the community’s most valued and accessible resource. We are dedicated to advocate, educate and seek support for our park system.

Our goal is to solicit memberships from individuals, families, local youth sports programs, and corporate organizations.  There will also be an opportunity for individuals, families; local youth sports programs, and corporate organizations to become sponsors of park activities and park improvements. 

Another objective is to work to obtain foundation and government grants to improve the park facilities, provide equipment, and to continue park maintenance.  Donations of property for the Jackson Township park system to help preserve open space and create new parks will also be considered.

It is our goal to provide the above monies to the Board of Trustees of Jackson Township for park improvements.  ORC Sections 9.20, 503.01, 505.10 and 511.11 authorize the Board of Trustees to receive gifts or bequests for park improvements.

Our current fundraising project is collecting used cell phones and recycling them. Phones may be dropped off at Buehlers or, you may call the phone number below.

Call or email Steve Rohr to become involved, find out more, or to discuss a donation.


Phone- 330-844-1212



Please consider becoming a Friend of Jackson Community Parks.