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Highway Division FAQs

How does Jackson Township handle spring and fall cleanup?
How do I inquire about having street lighting installed in my neighborhood?

The Township can set up lighting districts by going through the paperwork and government requirements to have the lights installed. The expenses are then billed through your real estate taxes.  Call the Township Fiscal Office at 330-832-5886 for the details which would be required.  Many new allotments are already a lighting district as established by the developer.  Older allotments can become a lighting district.

Who do I contact about non-functioning or damaged electric street lights?

For non-functioning lights call for repair with the address and pole number if possible at:

AEP: 1-800-277-2177 or AEPcustomer.com

OHIO EDISON: 1-800-633-4766 or Firstenergycorp.com


For damaged lighting call the Township Fiscal Office with a description of the problem at  330-832-5886.

What about gas street lighting problems?

Call with the location and problem to the Township Fiscal Office at 330-832-5886.

What can I do about this temporary cul-de-sac which extends into my yard?

The temporary cul-de-sac is a requirement whenever a street may someday be extended on to undeveloped land.  It must stay in place, and is owned and maintained by the public until the road is legally extended.  That could be many years.

How long does it take to service snowy or icy streets?

Every snow or icy condition is different.  Our seventeen truck routes take about three hours to salt the 208 miles of roadway when the conditions are only slippery.  An average snow requiring plowing takes our crews about 6-8 hours. If the snow is persistent and steady, it readily escalates to 16 hours plus.  Prevention of accidents and prevention of property damage is very important and is emphasized to our drivers.

How do we know when to call out the trucks for plowing or salting roadways?

Our Road Superintendent is always alert to weather reports and road conditions. The Jackson Police also alert him 24 hours a day of changing conditions.  Then he makes a personal judgment and begins telephone call outs.

Why isn't my street plowed when it is no longer snowing?

Remember when it snows or gets slippery it can immediately convert all of our 208 miles of roadway to a hazardous condition.    The trucks are out but it takes time to cover all areas.  Some roads will be first and some will be last.  If the snow is persistent your road may have been first and several inches of snow may have fallen after the truck made its pass.

Why did the plow truck come into my cul-de-sac and leave without plowing the circle?

The truck driver’s priority is to clear main roads with one pass first. He then comes back to do the minor traffic situations such as cul-de-sacs.  His secondary priority is also to widen the roads near curbs and mailboxes after the main traffic roads are passable.

Why did the truck put snow in my yard?

In tight areas there is very little room to put snow.  The driveways and mailboxes must not be blocked.  This is especially difficult on cul-de-sacs and narrow roadways.


Why does the plow truck driver plow snow into my driveway as he passes?

The public’s transportation on main roadways must be first.  You can help yourself if you clean your driveway snow to the far side of the drive considering the snow plow truck direction.  This is helpful to our drivers.

How expensive is highway salt and how much do we use a year?

Salt prices vary year to year and are publicly bid.  In the 2021-2022 season, we bought salt through the Stark County Engineer’s office at $66.43 per ton delivered to our yard.  Salt consumption varies based on the severity of the winter but Jackson Township expects to use 8,000 tons in a winter season.