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Snow and Ice Control Problems

Damage to mail boxes is an ongoing concern.  Our drivers all pride themselves in being careful with their allowable few inches as they pass the boxes.  If they are outside of these inches the post office won’t deliver and inside of these inches hits the box!  Mailboxes will continue to be a problem we will handle with care.  Mailboxes are seldom actually struck by the plows, but the impact from the mass of flying snow rearranges many weak mailbox installations.  Please erect your mailbox with thought toward resisting this flying snow mass. 

Our goal is to minimize labor costs for repairing mailboxes. 

If you have damage to your mailbox please refer to the Mailbox Damage Policy.


Many homes now have underground sprinkler systems buried just behind the curbing on public right of way.  A truck venturing a few inches into or across this turf can create sprinkler damage. 

When the opportunity arises, we advise residents on slight roadway turns or with sprinklers to place stakes just behind the curb to aid our drivers.  Repair of these situations should be limited to perhaps one time and thereafter residents must mark them with stakes if we are to assume any responsibility.