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Roadways in Jackson Township

Roadways in Jackson Township are maintained by three different jurisdictions.  The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT), The Stark County Engineer, and the Jackson Township Highway Department each has responsibility for their own jurisdiction of roadways.  This means that all maintenance, repair, snow and ice removal and signage on state jurisdiction roads are done by ODOT.  This same work is done by the Stark County Engineer on Stark County jurisdiction roadways.  Lastly, the Jackson Township Highway Department is responsible for the 208 miles of Township jurisdiction roadways, the majority of which are the allotments.  Each agency receives tax money dedicated only to their own jurisdiction roadways.

To help residents understand more about who is responsible for the various roads in Jackson Township, and where to contact those responsible, Jackson Township provides the following listing of agencies responsible for the listed roadways.

Contact: The Ohio Dept. of Transportation (ODOT): 330-452-0365

Erie – LaFayette (SR 236)
Fulton Drive (SR 687)(East of Wales)
Wales Ave. (SR 241)

Contact: The Stark County Engineer: 330-477-6781

Belden Village
Dressler Ave.
Erie (west of SR 236)
Everhard Rd.
Frank Ave.
High Mill Ave. (Mt. Pleasant to Revere)
Hills & Dales Rd.
Lake O’Springs (Fulton to Portage)
Mega St.
Mt. Pleasant (Frank to Pittsburg Ave)
Perry Drive
Portage St.
Strausser St. (west of I-77)
Strip Ave. (South of Portage)

All other public roadways in Jackson Township are the responsibility of the Jackson Township Highway Department at 330-832-4016.  A roadway is public after it has been turned over to the Township from the Stark County Commissioners after being accepted as completed construction.  Private roadways are privately maintained.

Traffic problems and correction of traffic problems fall back to these same jurisdictions.  The majority of traffic problems are encountered at the busy Stark County and State of Ohio roadway intersections in Jackson Township.  Your Jackson Township Trustees have no jurisdiction over correction of County and State traffic problems.  The Trustees have been working very hard in cooperation with the County and State to bring the recognition, priority, and improvement of these traffic problems to completion.

For additional information regarding roads, residents are invited to contact the Jackson Township Highway Department at 330-832-4016.