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Citizen Complaints

It is the intent of the Jackson Township Police Department to provide residents, businesses, and guests with quality police services.  We strive to do this in a courteous and professional manner.

The Jackson township Police Department is committed to providing the community with a fair and effective avenue for redress of their legitimate grievances against law enforcement officers and police department employees, and by the same token, to protect employees from false charges of misconduct or wrong doing and provide accused employees with due process and safe guards. If you feel that your encounter was unprofessional and would like to file a citizens complaint please see the attached form.

Once it is completed you can either mail, e-mail, or deliver the form to Major Jim Monigold (majormonigold@jtpd.com).  The Major can also be reached at 330-834-3960.  Once the complaint is reviewed, the Chief of Police will designate an Supervisor to investigate the claims listed in the complaint.  If you have attached contact information, the Supervisor assigned to follow up may need to speak with you to obtain additional information.  If available the Supervisor assigned to conduct this investigation will contact you at the conclusion to advise you of the findings.  

Jackson Township Police Department Citizen Complaint Form

Jackson Township Police Department Citizen Complaint Form

Section A

The information in Section A is not mandatory. If you do not wish to provide the information we will complete the complaint form and make a determination of it’s validity, and take appropriate action. We will not make the information available to you or your representative without the above information and the required signature at the bottom of the statement.
Do you have any evidence of the alleged incident?
Have you submitted this evidence with the complaint?
Time of Incident
Did you speak to a supervisor?