Jackson Township Police Department

7383 Fulton Drive NW

Jackson Township, Ohio 44646

Telephone: 330-834-3960

Fax: 330-834-3965

Safety Center Administrative Office Hours

Telephone: 330-834-3960

M-F: 8:00am – 4:30pm


Records Department

Telephone: 330-834-3960

M-F: 7:00am – 6:00pm


Dispatch: 330-832-1553

School Resource Officers

The Jackson Township Police Department realizes the importance of protecting the youth of our community while away from home at school.  The Jackson Township Police Department along with Jackson Local Schools have created a partnership which allows a police officer to be placed at each of the schools in the township.  There is a Jackson Township Police Officer assigned to the schools on a regular basis during the school day.  This assignment is to provide a sense of security to staff, students, and the parents. We have received many compliments on this partnership.  This program is supervised by Lieutenant Jason Collins (ltcollins@jtpd.com).  

The objectives for the SRO’s are to promote a safe learning environment, prevent and deter crime, serve a liaison between the Police Department and Jackson Local Schools, and provide a positive role model for students.   

As of August 10, 2022, the School Resource Officers are as listed below. 

School Officer Email
Jackson High SchoolOfficer William "Bill" Adamswadams@jtpd.com
Jackson Middle SchoolOfficer Jason Greenfieldjgreenfield@jtpd.com
Amherst ElementaryOfficer Greg Beitergbeiter@jtpd.com
Sauder ElementaryOfficer Chad Leboldclebold@jtpd.com
Strausser ElementaryOfficer Gary Cochrangcochran@jtpd.com
Lake Cable ElementaryOfficer Melissa Koscomkosco@jtpd.com