Jackson Township Police Department

7383 Fulton Drive NW

Jackson Township, Ohio 44646

Telephone: 330-834-3960

Fax: 330-834-3965

Safety Center Administrative Office Hours

Telephone: 330-834-3960

M-F: 8:00am – 4:30pm


Records Department

Telephone: 330-834-3960

M-F: 7:00am – 6:00pm


Dispatch: 330-832-1553

Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is comprised of a Patrol Lieutenant, who oversees (5) Sergeants and (33) full time patrol officers, as well as (1) part time officer assigned to the Patrol Division.  The division’s main responsibility is responding to calls for service.  These calls for service may include problems involving criminal activity, traffic crashes, or other issues that need to be resolved or advice given.

Our officers also provide service to our community by performing tasks such as extra patrols, business checks, and vacation checks.  If you want to request one of these services you can go to https://redcenter.us/ .  Select the forms section and make the appropriate selection.

The mission of the department is create a partnership with our community, residents, business owners, and visitors to our community to address matters involving crime, neighborhood problems, civil unrest, and general disorder.  We understand the importance of a strong bond between all parties involved to collectively work to make Jackson Township the community that it is.

We also have a Tip Line where information pertaining to criminal activity can be left for Detectives and that number is (330) 834-3967

Patrol Lieutenant Jason Collins (ltcollins@jtpd.com)

Each of our (5) Sergeants are responsible for a section of the township.  The township is divided up into (5) zones (click here for zone map).  The Sergeants are expected to know the ongoing/specific problems in their assigned zones.  Sergeants receive follow up investigations pertaining to their zones assignments, which are then given to officers for follow up investigations to be conducted.

Sergeant’s assigned to Patrol Division

Sergeant. Jamin Sprowl (jsprowl@jtpd.com) Zone 2

Sergeant Steve Johnson (sjohnson@jtpd.com) Zone 4 Business

Sergeant Dustin McDannold (mcdannold@jtpd.com) Zone 1

Sergeant Jake Hall (jhall@jtpd.com) Zone 4 Residential

Sergeant Josh Escola (escola@jtpd.com)   Zone 3