Jackson Township Police Department

7383 Fulton Drive NW

Jackson Township, Ohio 44646

Telephone: 330-834-3960

Fax: 330-834-3965

Safety Center Administrative Office Hours

Telephone: 330-834-3960

M-F: 8:00am – 4:30pm


Records Department

Telephone: 330-834-3960

M-F: 7:00am – 6:00pm


Dispatch: 330-832-1553

Investigative Division

The Investigative Division of the Police Department consists of Lt. Dan Vaughn who is in charge of the division, which consists of (3) full-time detectives and (1) part-time detective. The Detectives typically deal with a variety of investigations, which are usually felonies or cases of a more serious nature.  The Division is supported by (1) clerical employee who administers bad check processing and warrant files, in addition to other duties.  Clerical staffing is Monday- Friday from 8:00 am -4:30pm.  The phone number to contact the Detective Bureau directly is (330)830-6264. 

In addition, we have officers assigned to the Stark County Metro Narcotics Unit (1), and the FBI Safe Streets Task Force (1).  By having officers assigned to these units, it gives The Jackson Township Police Department the ability to request assistance from those units when it is needed. 

We also have two officers assigned to the Stark County SWAT Co-Op.  The SWAT Co-Op is made up of several officers from Stark County law enforcement agencies, as well as, some agencies from Carroll County.  The Co-Op is used when the need for special tactics and skills are needed for dealing with more serious events in Stark and Carroll County.   

We also have a Tip Line where information pertaining to criminal activity can be left for Detectives and that number is (330) 834-3967

At the current time the following Detectives are assigned to Division:

Full time Investigators:

Detective Lieutenant Dan Vaughn (ltvaughn@jtpd.com)

Detective Nick Hesse (nhesse@jtpd.com)

Detective Jeff Aynes (jaynes@jtpd.com)

Detective Brandon Alger (balger@jtpd.com)

Detective Gene Matako (gmatako@jtpd.com)