Jackson Township Police Department

7383 Fulton Drive NW

Jackson Township, Ohio 44646

Telephone: 330-834-3960

Fax: 330-834-3965

Safety Center Administrative Office Hours

Telephone: 330-834-3960

M-F: 8:00am – 4:30pm


Records Department

Telephone: 330-834-3960

M-F: 7:00am – 6:00pm


Dispatch: 330-832-1553

Property Department

The Jackson Township Police Department Property Department is responsible for storing all evidence brought into the Jackson Township Police Department.  The Property Department is also responsible for taking evidence to the courts, to the crime laboratories, and for the final disposition up to and including the destruction of property with the appropriate court orders. 

Officer Kim Haines is currently assigned to the Property Room.  She reports directly to Major Jim Monigold regarding these duties.  

Property Room hours are basically from 7:30 am -3:30pm-Monday –Friday.  In order to pick up your property an appointment needs to be made with Officer Haines.  You can make contact with Officer Haines by calling (330) 834-3960 ext. 2241 or email khaines@jtpd.com.