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Telephone: 330-834-3960

Fax: 330-834-3965

Safety Center Administrative Office Hours

Telephone: 330-834-3960

M-F: 8:00am – 4:30pm


Records Department

Telephone: 330-834-3960

M-F: 7:00am – 6:00pm


Dispatch: 330-832-1553

Crime Stoppers Tip Line/ 411

The Jackson Township Police Department along with the Stark County Sheriff’s Office, Canton Police Department, Massillon Police Department, and Stark County Prosecutor’s Office have partnered to take part in Stark County Crime Stoppers.  This program is a way for individuals to provide information to the mentioned law enforcement agencies as it relates to crime in Stark County.  We realize that individuals in this community witness crimes daily, and this provides a way to provide them to give the appropriate law enforcement agencies the information pertinent to helping solve crimes.  The Jackson Township Police Department hopes that this investigative tool will provide information that will assist in solving more crimes in the area.

If tips are received by an agency that has no jurisdiction in the incident, they will attempt to identify the proper agency and forward the information to them.  

You can log in to our Jackson Township Police Department site at:


The above link will take you directly to the Jackson Township Police Department 411 page.  Once information is entered then it will be submitted to the police department.  

If you have a cellular device you can go to the app store and search for Stark County Crime Stoppers and download it to your device or if it is an emergency call 911:





The app store version will download to your device so that you can submit information to the appropriate agency.  You will select new tip and it will change to a screen where you have the five options:

  1. Choose Group:  The choices are Canton Police Department, Stark County Sheriff’s Office, Massillon Police Department, and Jackson Police Department.  You may select one agency and it will be submitted to that department.
  2. Subject:  If you can give a brief description of the crime
  3. Location: By entering the incident offense, this may help officers find a specific offense if a report was already taken.
  4. Description:  A description of exactly what was observed or information that you want law enforcement to have involving the case.  If you wish to leave a name and number you can do so in this section. 
  5. This application also has the ability to attach video and or photographs to your submission.

Crime Stoppers

Jackson Township Police Department also uses  an in-house  Crime Stoppers Tip Line  for citizens to be able to report suspicious and criminal activity.   Call 330-834-3967 to leave a message with the information you wish to relay to authorities.  Remember, the call can be completely anonymous.

Or, if you prefer, you may contact Chief Mark BrinkMajor Jim Monigold , or  Lieutenant Dan Vaughn