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The mission of the Jackson Township Police Explorer Post is to support and act in concert with other members of the Police Department in an effort to nurture a cooperative partnership with the citizens of Jackson Township, and to create learning opportunities for Post members, all in an effort to enhance the quality of life in our community.

A little child is lost. How would you like to be a part of the search and rescue team that saves that child's life? That is what Exploring is about.

Exploring is producing a television show and seeing it broadcast over the airwaves. Exploring is white water rafting or discussing the methods of negotiating a hostage release with FBI agents; or climbing a 12,000 foot snow-covered peak.

Exploring is fun, friends, and excitement; leadership, experience, and opportunity; people and places; and the chance to discover who you are and what you want to be. Exploring is for young people, both male and female, who want to experience life. You can be an Explorer if you are at least 14 and not yet 21. You can be an Explorer if you want to have the time of your life.

Post activities are organized by the members, in consultation with an Adult Advisor, and revolve around the members' common interests.

Youth officers are elected by democratic process to lead and to represent the post. Explorers frequently come together as a post to have meetings and activities. During these gatherings a post program is decided upon and conducted by the post officers and members, all with the advice of the Adult Advisor. The post program is always influenced by six experience areas; career, citizenship, social, outdoor, service and fitness.

A post program might include a demonstration, guest speaker, canoe trip, picnic in the park, softball game, visit to an orphanage, or other interesting activity. The post specialty will play a major role in what you do. A law enforcement post, for example, might learn how to properly execute a search-and-rescue mission, while a medical post might learn about the use of surgical equipment.

Discover the challenge of the most dynamic youth-run program in the nation. Come and do what you have always wanted to do - be with people and have fun. For more information on the Jackson Township Police Department Explorers Post call Sergeant Dustin McDannold at 834-3960 (ext. 3282).

Recent Events
We recently obtained permission for our midnight riding program.  Now post members that meet the qualifications will have the option to ride along on any shift of the day.

Summer Events
Summer is always the most active time for the post.  We anticipate involvement in the Hall of Fame festivities, the Jackson Community Celebration, the annual Bike Rodeo and Safety Village.