Fire Department Administration

Fire Administration consists of Chief Tim Berczik, Deputy Chief Mike Crable, Deputy Chief Kai Rieger and Administrative Assistant Brea Harper.

The Fire Chief must possess a broad knowledge of Fire Division administration and modern firefighting and fire prevention methods and techniques.  Some of the duties performed are:

  • Plan departmental operation with respect to equipment, apparatus and personnel and supervises the placing of such plans into effect.
  • Issue orders for improvement of work methods and for enforcing rules and regulations.
  • Keep informed of personnel, property and operation of the department and analyze and take action on such information in order to improve operations.
  • Prepare budget estimates of anticipated expenditures and needs.
  • Assign personnel and equipment to such duties and uses as the service requires.
  • Evaluate the need for and requisition new apparatus and supplies.
  • Respond to major alarms and personally direct firefighting operations.

Deputy Chief Mike Crable oversees apparatus repair, building maintenance, scheduling, work assignments and deadlines.  He also assists Chief Berczik in devising acceptable standards and procedures for recruitment and selection of department members.  Regarding personnel, he assists in screening applications based on qualifications, interviews and reference checks, then will make recommendations for selecting or rejecting applications.  He assists the Chief in developing budget goals, plans and objectives, projects, forecasts and estimates in reviewing expenditures and revenues.  Inventory management and communications/radio equipment are also his responsibility.

Deputy Chief Kai Rieger oversees the Fire Prevention Bureau, EMS billing office, all origin and cause investigations, Fire and EMS Training Bureau.   He also assists Chief Berczik in formulating policy, plans, records, annual budgeting, public relations programs, and firefighting procedures.

You may contact any of the Fire Department Administration personnel at (330) 834-3953 or by e-mail at the following:
Chief Tim Berczik -

Deputy Chief Mike Crable  -

Deputy Chief Kai Rieger - 

Administrative Assistant Brea Harper -